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Western Airguns Sidewinder .22

Western Airguns Sidewinder .22

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The Western Airguns Sidewinder is a new airgun for 2023. Related to the Western Airguns Rattler, this airgun sports a carbon fiber shroud, semi or select fire (full auto) mode, as well as a removable magazine! Lighter at 7.7 lbs as well as a more compact frame, this package is a absolute blast for hunting, pesting, or plinking in the backyard. With a TJ barrel, the accuracy on these airguns is phenomenal too!

• Length 35.5"

•Weight 7.7 lbs

•Caliber .22 (.25 and .30 can be ordered)

• Barrel Length 23"

•Up to 72 FPE in .22 (up to 88 FPE in .25/up to 125 FPE in .30)

• Shots per fill 30-300 in .22 (30 to 265 in .25/30 to 200 in .30)


•15 shot (removable) in .22 

• Picatinny scope rail

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