Terms and Conditions

1: To purchase any product on this website you must be 18 years or older.

2: Airguns are dangerous and should be treated with the same respect as a firearm. Please shoot responsibly, with a safe backdrop, and follow all federal, state, and local laws. 

3: You have 30 days to return a product(s), provided they have not been used and are in original condition. 

*If an item is damaged upon receipt due to shipping or there is a manufacturer issue with the airgun, the item will be replaced or refunded (including shipping)

*If item(s) have been used or are not in original condition, please call, text, or email for authorization before returning. A minimum restocking fee of 15% applies to all such returns, and the shipping cost is non-refundable.

*Modified, tampered with, or customized airguns cannot be returned.

*Order cancellations or refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee for credit cards. Orders damaged in shipping or with a quality control issue with the manufacturer are exempt.

4: It is up to YOU to know the laws in your state, county, and city. This includes shipping to areas that have restrictions on airguns. If you order an airgun with shipping to a restricted area, your order will be canceled and refunded 5% less the processing fee. New laws pass daily, so it is up to you to know your local and state laws!


Examples of areas that restrict airguns include:

•New York City, NY

(Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island)

Washington DC

•Rhode Island

•New Jersey

Chicago IL

Cook County, IL

5: Each transaction has the option to be insured by UPS Capitol through Insureshield Shipping Insurance and we recommend using it. We have yet to have a single lost package in the entirety of our business operations and that is partly due to the fact that we use UPS as our favored carrier. That said, if you live in an area where porch piracy is common place, please insure your package against such theft. Loss due to shipping (i.e. a lost package after drop off that is commonly referred to as porch piracy is your responsibility. When you ship an item/box from our store, you are acting as the shipper and therefore assume all responsibility for the package and receiving it. If you would like to avoid such responsibility, please insure the item. If you cannot receive an item, live in an area where porch piracy is common, or feel overall the risk is too high, please call to have your order shipped safely to a local UPS Store for pickup. This is the safest option where porch piracy cannot occur.


Our Philosophy:

The approach of Atlas Airguns LLC is to put the customer first and to be fair. If there is something that comes up in the transaction, in transit, or upon receipt of an airgun, please reach out by phone, text, or email and we will work towards a resolution. The best outcome is always a happy, long term customer that is having fun with airguns, so let me know if there is anything that needs to be done to make your experience better. We always appreciate feedback on social media as well.