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Accu-Tac FC-4 G2 Bipod

Accu-Tac FC-4 G2 Bipod

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The Accu-Tac FC-4 G2 F-Class bipod, featuring a quick detach mechanism, exemplifies American design, engineering, and manufacturing excellence. Tailored for long-range precision shooting, including target competitions and airgun use, its wide, lowered center provides a stable platform between the shooter's legs, enhancing accuracy and mitigating recoil-induced movement. While optimized for these applications, its utility extends beyond.

Crafted entirely from billet aircraft-grade aluminum, the FC-4 G2 guarantees top-tier quality. Offering unparalleled versatility, it boasts four distinct leg positions and five height options, allowing shooters to adapt to various scenarios. Moreover, its panning and canting capabilities, each independently lockable via adjustable levers, ensure precise alignment. The quick detach rail mount, compatible with 1913 Picatinny rails, facilitates rapid and tool-free installation.

Adjusting leg positions is effortless with spring-loaded legs, enabling independent movement. Legs can be deployed at 90° or 45° angles, securely locking into four positions for added stability and adaptability.


  • 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy / High strength steel hardware
  • Min. Height (Legs at 45°): 5.25” / 133.4 mm
  • Min. Height (Legs at 90°): 6.75” /171.4 mm
  • Max. Height (Legs at 90°): 8.25” / 209.5 mm
  • Min. Stance (Legs at 45°): 12.25” / 311 mm
  • Max. Stance (Legs at 90°): 16.5” / 419 mm
  • Closed Position Width: 7.5” / 190.5 mm
  • Closed Position Length: 7.5” / 190.5 mm
  • Weight: 28.2 oz
  • Color: Flat Black
  • Coating: Type III (MIL-SPEC) Hard Anodize
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