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Western Airguns Rattler

Western Airguns Rattler

Обычная цена $2,749.00 USD
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The Western Airguns Rattler is poised to leave a significant mark on the airgun industry. Designed specifically for larger game and long-range shooting, the Rattler is a semi-automatic big bore air rifle delivering full magazines of powerful shots up to 435 fpe (.45 Long Strike) of energy with each trigger pull. Crafted with premium components and engineered to endure the rigorous demands of hunting outdoors, the Rattler excels in even the harshest shooting conditions. Its features include a 580-700 cc air cylinder, adjustable regulator, and a hammerless firing system for remarkable shot-to-shot consistency. With a knurled throttle knob for easy velocity adjustments and a robust Titanium magazine capable of accommodating various projectile weights, the Rattler ensures versatility and precision. Equipped with a Hammer Forged Nitrate Coated TJ barrel for unparalleled accuracy, a 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail, and dual side rails for accessories, the Rattler offers enhanced customization options. Additionally, its shroud silencing system minimizes noise, while dual safeties, interchangeable grip, synthetic cheek piece, and adjustable butt pad ensure comfort and control. The inclusion of two pressure gauges and a removable bottle for swift field changes further enhance its practicality. From hunting to target shooting, the Western Airguns Rattler .30, .357, and .45/.45 Long Strike excel across various applications.

•Overall Length 39.5" for .30, .35, and .45 models. .45 Long Strike is 48"

•Barrel Length 28" for .30, .35, and .45. .45 Long Strike's barrel is 36"

•9.2 lbs weight for .30, .357, 9.9 lbs for .45, and 10.5 lbs for .45 Long Strike

•17-100 shots per fill in .30, 15 to 75 in .357 (580cc tank) .45 and .45 Long Strike can do 12 shots per fill (700cc tank)

•50 to 175 fpe in .30, 90 to 270 fpe in .357, .45 385 fpe, .45 Long Strike 435fpe

•Picatinny scope rail

•Magazine size: 17 shots in .30, 15 shots in .357, and 12 shots in .45

•1 year warranty


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