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Daystate Huntsman Revere

Daystate Huntsman Revere

Обычная цена $1,450.00 USD
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Exceptional! That's the one-word descriptor for the remarkable Daystate Huntsman Revere, a rifle that epitomizes timeless excellence and is an absolute must-have for every airgunner. Carrying the esteemed Huntsman badge, this rifle not only pays homage to the American market but also delivers unparalleled performance.

Renowned for its exquisite woodwork, the Huntsman Revere boasts a special grade of walnut, meticulously hand-rubbed to achieve a finish that seamlessly blends beauty with durability. The stock is adorned with intricate checkering at the fore end and pistol grip, complemented by a Rosewood grip cap and Basswood spacer. The roll-over cheek piece caters to both right- and left-handed shooters, while a soft rubber butt pad ensures ultimate comfort.

Inheriting the side lever system from Daystate's flagship Wolverine R line, the Huntsman Revere's cocking action is superior, smooth, and nearly effortless. The magazine, seamlessly rotating a pellet into the bore line during the rearward position of the lever, adds to the delight of the overall experience. This system's versatility, allowing easy reversal for shooters preferring the other side of the breech block, speaks volumes. The magazine's cutting-edge technology not only enhances capacity and loading speed but also provides an elegant solution for shooters of all ages and abilities.

The Huntsman Revere's firing valve system, in collaboration with the world-class Huma regulator and patented hammer, ensures unparalleled consistency and accuracy in each shot per air fill. Filled to 250 bar in .22 caliber, it delivers a remarkable 55 shots at 30 Ft-Lbs of energy from the 162cc air cylinder.

A German-made, Competition-grade A.R.T approved barrel and a match-grade fully adjustable trigger contribute to the rifle's long-range accuracy, catering to both target shooters and hunters alike. User-inspired features include individual pressure gauges for both air cylinder and regulator, an 11mm scope rail, shrouded barrel with capped ½ UNF threads, and an industry-exclusive 5-year warranty for the USA. Undoubtedly, the Daystate Huntsman Revere is a timeless classic that no airgunner should be without.

•Overall Length 36.5"

•Barrel Length 17"

•Weight 6.7 lbs

•Up to 75 shots per fill in .177, 40 shots per fill in .22

•162cc volume

•18fpe in .177, 30fpe in .22

•11mm Scope Rail

•Magazine capacity 13 shots in .177, 11 in .22

•5 Year Warranty
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