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Western Airguns Sidewinder Semi/Full Auto Compact

Western Airguns Sidewinder Semi/Full Auto Compact

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Introducing the Sidewinder Compact, affectionately known as the "Snakelet" – a game-changer in the world of airguns. This slimmed-down and shortened version of the immensely popular Sidewinder model is designed to captivate hunters and shooting enthusiasts with its unparalleled combination of compactness and power. The Sidewinder Compact boasts a 17" barrel that effortlessly conceals a 0DB compact moderator threaded directly onto the barrel, bringing its overall length to a mere 26 inches.

Despite its reduced size, the Sidewinder Compact doesn't compromise on performance. This remarkable airgun is available in three potent calibers: .22, .25, and .30. In the .22 caliber, it generates an impressive 63 foot-pounds of energy (FPE), while the .25 caliber pushes the boundaries with up to 70 FPE. For those seeking an even mightier punch, the .30 caliber delivers a jaw-dropping 96 FPE. The Sidewinder Compact is the ultimate hunting companion for serious air gunners who demand power and precision.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Sidewinder Compact comes standard with a 300cc bottle that complements its compact design seamlessly. Whether you're stalking game in dense woods or open fields, this airgun provides an exceptional blend of maneuverability and raw power, ensuring you're always prepared for your next shot.

•Length 26.5"

•Weight 6.5 lbs

•Caliber .22/.25/.30

•Barrel Length. 17"

•Up to 63 FPE in .22, 70 FPE in .25, 96 FPE in .30

•Shots per fill 30-300 in .22 (30 to 265 in .25/30 to 200 in .30)


•Shots per fill (depending on caliber and power level)15-150

•Picatinny scope rail



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