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Daystate Huntsman Revere Safari

Daystate Huntsman Revere Safari

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The Huntsman series, with its classic sporter aesthetics and a design lineage tracing back over 40 years to Daystate's inception, stands as an iconic choice for airgun enthusiasts worldwide. It has consistently been a favorite among field shooters, embodying timeless appeal. The latest addition to this revered series is the Safari Edition, a must-have for every airgunner seeking a blend of practicality and versatility.

The Safari Edition showcases Daystate's signature tactile, raised-grain wood stock, providing an ambidextrous design with a lower-seated action—a hallmark of the Huntsman's heritage. The textured Safari stock, featuring stippled panels on the grip and forend, offers enhanced 'high-grip' advantages, making it perfect for field use with its natural camouflage look.

While maintaining the Huntsman's inherent sporter feel, the Safari Edition's stock has been subtly tweaked to cater to the needs of precision-minded target shooters. It incorporates a rise-and-fall cheekpiece for optimal eye alignment with both varmint and target-styled scopes. The comb is finished in a soft-feel rubber for comfort in all conditions and shooting disciplines.

The forend of the Safari stock is designed to accommodate various holds and disciplines, featuring a broader shape and flatter base for those who prefer shooting off a bench. Its weight-relieved construction appeals to hunters covering large permissions, and stud-points are incorporated for sling, bipod, or other shooting aid attachment. The scalloped butt not only adds aesthetic appeal but also ensures good balance for hunters and serves as an ideal anchor for benchrest or bag shooting.

Retaining all the attributes that have made the Huntsman Revere Daystate's best-selling rifle, the Safari Edition boasts a factory-installed Huma-Air regulator, sidelever cocking (user-swappable for right or left-handed use), self-indexing magazine with a new loading gate, probe-charging with an integral rotary dust cover, shrouded match-grade barrel with a threaded muzzle, adjustable two-stage trigger with manual safety catch, and a durable anti-glare metal finish. This timeless classic, the Safari Edition, is a must-have for airgunners seeking excellence in both field and range shooting.

•Overall Length 36.5"
•Barrel Length 17"
•Weight 6.7 lbs
•Up to 75 shots per fill in .177, 40 shots per fill in .22
•162cc volume
•18fpe in .177, 30fpe in .22
•11mm Scope Rail
•Magazine capacity 13 shots in .177, 11 in .22
•5 Year Warranty

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