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Brocock Concept Lite XR .25

Brocock Concept Lite XR .25

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The Brocock Concept Lite XR .25 PCP airrifle is the ultimate solution for pest control, hunting, and backyard plinking. With its versatile features, including an adjustable butt stock and compatible grip, this platform can be customized to suit every shooter's preferences. Its folding stock adds convenience, allowing for easy transportation and maneuverability in tight spaces. Equipped with a HUMA-Air regulator and power adjuster, this rifle offers exceptional power and accuracy at various levels.

With a powerful 40 FPE output and a 10-shot magazine, the Brocock Concept Lite XR delivers reliable performance. Its compact size, ranging from 32 to 35.75 inches in length, makes it suitable for various shooting scenarios. The 17-inch LW barrel ensures exceptional precision, while the 11mm scope rail provides compatibility with a wide range of optics. Weighing in at just 6.5 pounds and featuring a 150cc air volume, this rifle offers a comfortable shooting experience without compromising on power and performance.

Take your pesting, hunting, and plinking endeavors to the next level with the Brocock Concept Lite XR .25 air rifle. Designed for reliability, versatility, and exceptional accuracy, this rifle is a must-have for any serious shooter. Explore its outstanding features and unleash your shooting potential today.

•40 FPE

•10 shot magazine

•32"-35.75" length

•Barrel 17" LW

•11mm scope rail


•150cc air volume


Comes with:


•Fill Probe

•Single shot tray

*Scope and mounts NOT included


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