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Western Airguns Sidewinder

Western Airguns Sidewinder

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The Western Airguns Sidewinder PCP airrifle is the latest addition to our airgun lineup in 2023. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Western Airguns Rattler, this cutting-edge airgun boasts a carbon fiber shroud, offering both style and durability. Whether you prefer semi-automatic or select-fire full-auto mode, the Sidewinder delivers an exhilarating shooting experience. With its compact and lightweight design, weighing just 7.7 lbs, this airgun is perfect for hunting, pest control, or casual plinking in your backyard. Equipped with a TJ barrel, the Sidewinder ensures exceptional accuracy, making every shot count.

Featuring a length of 35.5" and a barrel length of 23", the Sidewinder is designed for optimal performance. Choose from various calibers including .22,.25 or .30. The Sidewinder packs a punch, delivering up to 72 FPE in .22, up to 88 FPE in .25, and an impressive 125 FPE in .30 caliber. With a generous 580cc air reservoir, you'll enjoy an extended shooting session without frequent refills. The removable 15-shot magazine in .22 caliber ensures quick and easy reloading, allowing for uninterrupted shooting sessions. The Picatinny scope rail provides a solid platform for attaching your preferred optics, enhancing your shooting precision.

Experience the thrill of the Western Airguns Sidewinder, combining power, accuracy, and versatility in one exceptional airgun package. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this airgun is designed to deliver top-notch performance and unforgettable shooting experiences.

• Length 35.5"

•Weight 7.7 lbs

•Caliber .22/.25/.30

• Barrel Length 23"

•Up to 72 FPE in .22 (up to 88 FPE in .25/up to 125 FPE in .30)

• Shots per fill 30-300 in .22 (30 to 265 in .25/30 to 200 in .30)


•15 shot in .22 or 12 shot in .30

Picatinny scope rail


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