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BRK Ghost Hammer Spring Power Tune Kit

BRK Ghost Hammer Spring Power Tune Kit

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Introducing the Genuine BRK Performance Center upgrades tailored specifically for the Ghost, optimized for export and high-power (HP) variants. This comprehensive set features six pre-rated springs designed to enable precise adjustments to hammer tension, ensuring optimal performance with various pellets and slugs.

Please Note: These Hammer Springs are not compatible with UK sub-12ft/lbs Ghost models.


Suitable for all 'export' or Hi-Power (HP) models, this kit includes six color-coded springs, each preset to specific tensions as originally installed at the factory, catering to various barrel configurations.

430mm Barrels:

WHITE – .177 / 4.5mm rated up to 12 ft/lbs

WHITE – .22 / 5.5mm rated up to 20 ft/lbs

BLUE – .177 / 4.5mm rated up to 20 ft/lbs

BLUE – .22 / 5.5mm rated up to 45 ft/lbs

600mm Barrels:

RED – .177 / 4.5mm rated up to 31 ft/lbs

RED – .22 / 5.5mm rated up to 61 ft/lbs

RED – .25 / 6.35mm rated up to 70 ft/lbs

BLACK – .30 / 7.62mm rated up to 95 ft/lbs

Special Barrels:

GREEN – .22 (711mm RACE edition)

YELLOW – HP+ models

Included in the Kit:

Each set comprises one spring of each color, totaling six springs. This allows users to experiment with different hammer spring tensions, fine-tuning their Ghost's action to accommodate their preferred pellets or slugs. Additionally, this complements the onboard 20-level power adjustment wheel integral to all Ghost models.

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