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Daystate Alpha Wolf .25 HP Red Laminate 23"

Daystate Alpha Wolf .25 HP Red Laminate 23"

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Introducing the Daystate LTD Alpha Wolf .25 HP, the pinnacle of airgun technology. With groundbreaking innovations like the Ultra Fast-Flow Firing Valve, built-in chronograph, and cutting-edge touch screen computer, this airgun revolutionizes the shooting experience. Engineered with the legendary A.R.T barrel and state-of-the-art electronics, the Alpha Wolf delivers unrivaled precision and performance. Whether you're engaging in casual plinking or competing in Extreme Benchrest, this exceptional airgun excels in every scenario, showcasing its unmatched capabilities.

Featuring a 10-shot magazine and a compact length of 33.1 inches, the Alpha Wolf offers optimal maneuverability and ease of handling. Its 23-inch barrel ensures impressive accuracy and consistency, while the 7.8-pound weight strikes the perfect balance between stability and portability. Equipped with a 480cc bottle volume, this airgun provides ample air capacity for extended shooting sessions. With a staggering 67 foot-pounds of energy, the Alpha Wolf delivers formidable power that surpasses expectations and dominates the field.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate shooting experience with the Daystate LTD Alpha Wolf. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a competitive shooter, this airgun sets new standards for performance and sophistication. Elevate your shooting prowess to unprecedented levels and take your plinking or benchrest endeavors to new heights with the Alpha Wolf, the embodiment of airgun excellence. Don't miss the opportunity to own this pinnacle of airgun technology and unlock your true shooting potential today.

•10 shot magazine

•33.1" length

•23" barrel length

•weight 7.8lbs

•480cc bottle volume


*Scope and mounts NOT included

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